We believe that any organization doing wholehearted work to heal communities in pain deserves recognition for their tireless efforts. Here is what sets us apart:

Hope and Healing was founded with a mission - we offer support to those on the journey to recovery and aim to restore hope to those who have lost it through blending alternative healing practices with current, evidence-based physiological approaches.


Reconnect to Your Roots

At Hope & Healing Addiction Treatment Centers, we have worked to create a safe space built on trust and respect that allows people to face their struggles in the company of others who have been there. Our shared understanding of the complex trauma and challenges allows us to offer understanding and support with a depth that comes from shared experience. Hope & Healing’s Treatment program is made richer by the reverence we pay to different healing approaches. Our counselors and therapists respect with traditional and alternative therapy modalities play an integral role in the healing process, when we are fighting a foe as powerful as addiction, we need every tool available to us.

Residential Treatment in Arizona

We offer full-time residential treatment in a caring, therapeutic environment designed to build community, reconnect to self, and build a foundation for recovery. Our 90-day addiction treatment program was specifically created to support adults find recovery and prevent relapse. The curriculum includes over 30 hours of scheduled individual and group counseling a week as well as holistic offerings to treat the whole person, not just the physical addiction or mental illness. Following treatment, we offer discharge services to ensure that residents are connected to the professional resources and community-based support services that will enable them to continue their progress after they have completed their time in our care.

Clinical Oversight And Case Management

  • Initial behavioral health assessments
  • Psychiatric evaluations
  • Follow-up nursing assessments and mental health evaluations
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Transportation services
  • Discharge planning and after-care

 Addiction Recovery

  • Substance abuse recovery
  • Relapse prevention and management
  • Stress management
  • 12-step AA/NA meetings and SMART recovery groups
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Grief and loss counseling
  • Peer mentoring and recovery support
  • Domestic Violence
  • Anger management

Continuing Education

  • Financial education skills including money management, paying bills, and budgeting
  • Employment education and job application skills, such as assistance with resume building
  • Improving interview skills

Life Skills Development

  • Interpersonal communication and relationship skills development
  • Creating and maintaining healthier social networks to support the transition to independent life and maintain sobriety
  • Self-care skills and household management
  • Parenting classes


  • Primary mental health groups
  • Various treatment modalities
  • Co-Occurring disorder management
  • Stress management
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Grief and loss counseling
  • Domestic Violence
  • Anger management

Therapeutic Activities

  • Equine Therapy
  • Daily physical exercise: early morning walks and exercise
  • In-house gym sessions
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Daily card games, crosswords, adult coloring books, painting
  • Journaling, story, or poem writing
  • Art expressions program, including a variety of projects from beading to painting and woodcrafts

Wellness And Nutrition

  • Cooking classes
  • Basic nutritional elements of healthy diets
  • Managing chronic health conditions: diabetes, COPD, HTN
  • Medication management

Outpatient Services

Our outpatient services incorporate best practices and modern, evidence-based modalities for adults seeking to find healing in a safe, supportive environment.

Partial Hospitalization Program

H&H Outpatient offers PHP to those looking for a comprehensive treatment experience with the ability to return home each day. Our PHP program includes case management, individual therapy, and group therapy in a carefully curated 12-week programming schedule. Clients can expect primary care and psychology services, as well as additional support in anger management, coping skills for mental illness symptoms, and relapse prevention techniques. H&H Outpatient also offers parenting classes, art expression therapy, community reintegration groups, resume building, assistance with job searches, and ongoing support.

Intensive Outpatient, 3 or 5 day

Hope & Healing Outpatient offers IOP services 5 or 3 days a week. This program is best suited to those with commitments outside of treatment who require a shorter schedule each day. Our 3- and 5-day-per-week OP care includes case management, individual therapy, group therapy as well as psychology services. As with our PHP program, clients have access to parenting classes, art therapy, community reintegration groups, resume building, assistance with job searches, anger management, coping skills for mental illness symptoms, relapse prevention techniques, and ongoing support.

Outpatient Services

Hope & Healing outpatient offers a la carte services to patients in need of outpatient services but who have a restrictive schedule or only want select services. Additional services at H&H include:

  • MVD Revocation Packet
  • Individual & Group Therapy Sessions
  • Case Management
  • Parenting Classes
  • Domestic Violence & Anger Management Classes
  • Traditional Services
  • Psych Services
  • Evals and Follow up Visits
  • Med Management
  • MAT Services
  • Primary Care Services
  • H & Ps
  • TB Tests
  • Vaccines
  • Annual Physicals & Health Care Screenings
  • STD Panel Testing and Education
  • X-ray and Phlebotomy Services
  • Drug Testing Services
  • COVID-19 testing
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