Culturally Conscious

Arizona Based Recovery Centers

10% of Native Americans have a substance use disorder.
- National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH)
In 2019, nearly one-fifth (18.7%) of American Indian/Alaska Native adults experienced mental illness in the last year.
- NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness
Native/Indigenous people in America report experiencing serious psychological distress 2.5 times more than the general population over a month's time.
- MHA National
The American Indian and Alaska Native population is disproportionately affected by a variety of health problems, including substance abuse.


Hope & Healing provide a holistic approach to treatment to better the chances of lasting recovery. We blend traditional native teachings and cultural practices with evidence-based approaches. Clients benefit from the 12 steps to Wellbriety, cleansing rituals, traditional prayers, talking circles, and smudging, among other ceremonial practices.

Native and Indigenous people the world over have become disconnected from their cultural identity by the forces of intergenerational trauma. This cultural identity, such as language, ceremonies, customs, traditions, kinship, and other belief systems offers wisdom, community, and connection. Our healing approach relies on facilitating a return to cultural identity through Native staff members that walk shoulder to shoulder with our clients through shared experience, professional training, and earned wisdom. The heart of our mission is helping each other find healing, find family, and ultimately join the fight against the sicknesses that harm our communities.

By paying equal respect to the Western clinical approach and traditional Native practices, our clients learn to stand tall and move beyond their struggles. We realize that the various approaches—from traditional counseling and pharmacology to medicine wheel and talking circle—all have incredible power to heal. We apply these practices with equal weight and depth, learning how to balance them in order to give our clients the fullest opportunity for sobriety.



Many Native American communities have limited access to substance abuse programs. To help eliminate barriers to care and increase treatment engagement, we have developed strategies that blend traditional native teachings with evidence-based practices. Traditional approaches are provided in collaboration with specialized Native American professionals certified through Red Road to Wellbriety.

Traditional-Cultural Program

  • 12 steps to Wellbriety
  • Cleansing rituals dedicated to transitioning through different stages of recovery
  • Traditional prayers
  • Talking Circle
  • Smudging (Burning Sage, Cedar, or other specified herbs deemed sacred for their properties
  • Weekly sweat lodge and drumming for residents and alumni