Hope and Healing is Here For You

What if you could find a way to get free of everything that hasn’t been working for you? What if all the changes that you sought were right at your fingertips, there for the taking? Welcome to Hope and Healing. Based in Mesa, Arizona, we are here to help people find a real solution and a way out.

If you are desperate for a better way of living but haven’t been able to figure things out on your own, we have good news. Blending traditional cultural practices with the most current evidence-based approaches, we created a program designed to help people find lasting hope and healing. We offer the support, guidance, and clinical expertise essential for people who are ready to get well. With our combined knowledge and experience, we’ve built a solutions-oriented program from the ground up that delivers meaningful and lasting change for anyone suffering from substance abuse, mental health, or trauma.

We offer a wide range of treatment options so our clients can get the care they need – from full residential treatment to outpatient and individual services, we create individualized plans that offer the best chance for long-term recovery. We offer the wisdom of Native practices for both those in Native American community, as well as others seeking to incorporate deep rooted cultural traditions into their healing journey.

Drug And Alcohol Treatment

We provide a safe, structured environment intentionally created to support recovery and prevent relapse for Native Americans and others seeking a return to health. Our holistic approach focuses on treating the whole person, not just the physical addiction, including clinical oversight and case management, evidence-based modalities, a 12-step framework, wellness and nutrition, therapeutic interventions, and career skills development.

Behavioral Health Services

We offer a wide range of support services to those who are looking for health, wholeness, and healing. From basic primary care services, to full psychiatric care, life skills, and personal development, we believe in help for the whole person. We have created an environment where those in need can access experienced, compassionate support in a healthy, nurturing environment.

Native-Led Recovery

Hope and Healing provides a holistic approach to treatment to maximize the chances of a lasting recovery. We blend native wisdom and cultural practices with evidence-based approaches in collaboration with specialized Native American and behavioral health professionals. Clients, both Native and non-Native, can benefit from the 12 steps to Wellbriety, cleansing rituals, traditional prayers, talking circles, and smudging, among other ceremonial practices.

What Makes Us Different

Hope and Healing was founded with a mission – we offer support to those on the journey to recovery and aim to restore hope to those who have lost it through blending traditional healing practices with current, evidence-based physiological approaches.

Native and Indigenous people the world over have become disconnected from their cultural identity by the forces of intergenerational trauma. This cultural identity, such as language, ceremonies, customs, traditions, kinship, and other belief systems offers wisdom, community, and connection. Our healing approach relies on facilitating a return to cultural identity through Native staff members that walk shoulder to shoulder with our clients through shared experience, professional training, and earned wisdom. The heart of our mission is helping each other find healing, find family, and ultimately join the fight against the sicknesses that harm our communities.

By paying equal respect to the Western clinical approach and traditional Native practices, our clients learn to stand tall and move beyond their struggles. We realize that the various approaches—from traditional counseling and pharmacology to medicine wheel and talking circle—all have incredible power to heal. We apply these practices with equal weight and depth, learning how to balance them in order to give our clients the fullest opportunity for sobriety.

Treatment That Fits Your Life

We offer a range of treatment options to meet you where you are, including
Residential Outpatient, PHP, IOP, outpatient medical services, and transitional homes. Here we understand that healing is a lifelong process – we empower our clients to uncover the underlying issues that have been holding them back and give them the resources to thrive beyond treatment.

Have Questions?

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Let us know if we can answer any questions about our program, facilities, recovery, or staff. We would love to share our hope with you.

There is never a better time to start than now. Let us handle the details so you can get the help you need.